Japanese Tattoos

Irezumi the Art of Japanese TattoosJapanese tattoos

Japanese tattoos are regaining their popularity again amongst the middle classes. Ironically young Japanese people are going for tattoo designs that can be completed in one sitting such as the traditional American style

tattoos or tribal tattoos. Traditional irezumi is still done by specialist tattooists. Because Japanese tattoos are so detailed they are also very time intensive and expensive. A traditional ‘body suit’ (covering the arms, back, upper legs and chest can take up to five years of once-a-week visits to complete and cost more than US$30,000 to complete! Continue reading

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The Best Tattoo Removal Techniques

There are many different tattoo removal techniques and all have advantages as well as disadvantages.

The best tattoo removal techniques can vary according to the person and tattoo and it is necessary for anyone wanting to remove a tattoo to do research on the subject and decide on which of the tattoo removal techniques is most suitable for their personal situation. The removal techniques that are available today are laser treatment, abrasion, scarification, camouflaging and surgery.
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How to Draw Fake Tattoos

If you are looking for a cool and painless tattoo, which are not only low of cost, but also does not end up with wrong result then you must go for fake tattoo.

Tattoos have been a part of body art for centuries. A real tattoo is generally made on the upper layer of the skin by injecting color. The removal process for permanent tattoos is not only expensive the result is not often successful. Therefore, in such a situation, you can opt for temporary or fake tattoos which will last for few days and will fade off.
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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Once your tattoo artist inks your favorite design on your body, it is your responsibility to take proper care of it and protect it from any kind of infection and other problems pertaining to inking.

The tattoo aftercare is a crucial part of getting inked and your tattoo artist will instruct you about it after making the art on your body.

You need to follow the tattoo aftercare instructions religiously to get the best result. Otherwise, a really attractive tattoo can turn into frustration.
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Zodiac Tattoos – Leo Tattoo Design Ideas

A Leo is strong, generous, warm-hearted and enthusiastic. You display all of these qualities.

Add to these the qualities of a natural leader and you have a person who influences others and draws them to you. This is particularly apparent in the way you can draw people out by seeing talents in them they do not see in themselves.

Because they know you want the best for them, they respond to your efforts to help them develop their talents.
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Tattoo Ideas for Girls

What comes into your mind when you think of tattoos? A cool design, some nice strokes and some bold colors! But there is a new trend catching up these days…

the tattoo lettering trend! There are many guys and girls that are getting words inked on themselves instead of a full on symbol or design! I personally feel that word tattoos have a more clearer and intense significance in them.

I mean, a tattoo design is attractive too, but then inking words that are imprinted in your soul, sort of gives the whole tattoo a different look and feel.

Another amazing thing about word tattoos are, that they attract more people towards them and everyone wants to read the entire set of tattooed words and wants to know what it means. Whereas in case of the designs, people may just look at the beauty of it and complement you for the same. We also know that it is human to judge others based on their appearance. Your tattoo speaks a lot of about yourself. Continue reading

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Gangsta Tattoos

Earlier, gangsta tattoos were only worn by prisoners or gang members of a community to identify themselves as belonging to a particular group.

But nowadays, gangsta tattoo designs are being worn by the younger generation and teenagers. These tattoos  are being flaunted by both boys as well as girls.

Gangsta tattoos are popular for giving the person a tough appearance and personality.

Enthusiasts and personalities from the hip hop culture are generally seen sporting these tattoos.

Where Can Gangsta Tattoos Be Worn?

There are many areas on the body where gangsta tattoos can be shown off. Generally, gangsters prefer to wear these tattoos all over their bodies. However, you can wear them on your back, chest, behind the neck, arms, shoulders, forearms, face, or even fingers. Since the main intention of gangsta tattoos to provide a rugged look, you can wear these on any part of your body. A majority of people prefer to wear gangsta tattoos on their shoulder and arm, as it is a prominent place to show off the art, when putting on a sleeveless jacket.
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