Eagle Tattoos

Do you wish to have eagle tattoos made on your body? This article will give you more information on meanings and eagle tattoo designs

Animal and bird pictures are one of the most popular tattoo designs among men and women these days. This is because there are several meanings and symbolism associated with animal and bird tattoo which correspond to the human personality traits.

For e.g., a lion tattoo is associated with strength, courage, leadership, etc. and hence, a person identifying himself with these qualities loves to have a lion tattoo.

Similar is the case with eagle tattoos. These are done by people because of the attributes associated with it. Here we will see more on eagle tattoo meanings and designs.

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

As we all know that the eagle, or more aptly, the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America, and it is also associated with the US military. Hence, these tattoos are more popular in the US. American eagle tattoos with the flag of the US or drawn in these colors symbolize patriotism. Those who have served in the US military earlier also have these tattoos made on their body. Secondly, qualities like strength, freedom, courage, free spirit, etc. are also attributed to the eagle. The eagle is the most powerful one among all the birds and hence the qualities of power and strength are associated with it. Tribal eagle tattoos also mean the same as the ordinary eagle design tattoos. The harpy eagle is named after Harpy, the Greek mythological character and those who are interested in the Greek mythology, go for these tattoos.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

When talking about eagle tattoo designs, there are several options to choose from. You can either go for the design that resembles the actual eagle or any of its type like the bald eagle or the Harpy eagle. Eagles flying with their wings wide open, or screaming eagles are the most popular ideas for eagle tattoo for men. On the other hand, eagle tattoos for girls are fairly smaller in size, and mostly made in delicate and intricate designs. The single bust of the eagle is also one of the most popular eagle tattoo designs. If you are an American, you would love to have bald eagle tattoos made on your body to show your patriotism and love for your country. You can also mix and match the eagle with other pictures and designs to form your own distinct tattoo. For e.g., an eagle with the American flag, an eagle sitting on the highest branch of tree, eagle pouncing on its prey, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, some of the other popular designs are the Mexican eagle tattoos, Harry Potter eagle tattoos (Ravenclaw), golden eagle tattoos, etc. Similarly, if you love the ancient Celtic art, you can also go for the Celtic tattoos which are made in interesting patterns. The tribal and Celtic designs are mostly made in black or navy blue ink. One of the other advantage of going for these tattoos is that they can be made on any part of the body. A larger flying eagle is usually made on the back or the chest. Making eagle tattoos on wrist may not be possible due to lack of space. However, you can have the eagle bust made on upper arms, thighs, lower back, etc. Note that making an eagle tattoo requires a lot of skill and hence, you should have it done only by a professional and experienced artist.

These were some of the designs ideas available for eagle tattoos. Lastly, if you are in awe with this bird, an American patriot or a lover of movies like Eagle Eye, Eagle vs Shark, The Eagle, etc., you can surely consider going for these tattoos. This tattoo will never be out of fashion and you will be proud of it forever. Good luck!

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