Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos with names can be unique and creative designs. This article will give you more information on butterfly tattoos.

Tattoos are an expression of art and what can be better than having a tattoo that has a specific symbolic meaning of its own? As there are several designs to choose from, it is really difficult to find a perfect tattoo for yourself. However, if you are looking for a colorful, feminine, yet versatile tattoo design, butterfly tattoo designs are just the ones for you.

Butterfly Tattoos
It is really hard to not like a delicate butterfly with colorful wings. Therefore, a butterfly tattoo is one of the most common and popular tattoo designs for girls and women. There are thousands of known varieties of an actual butterfly. Therefore, one can have thousands of options to choose from. One can either have a design like an actual butterfly or even go for other abstract designs. A butterfly tattoo looks pretty on any part of the body. People are seen to flaunt the butterfly tattoos on the back, on arms, on feet, near the navel, etc. Butterfly tattoos look the best if they are smaller in size. Recently, there is also a trend of having your name included within a tattoo. Is is possible to have butterfly tattoos with names? Let us have a look. Read more on butterfly tattoos meaning.

Butterfly Tattoos with As simple butterfly tattoos are very simple, nowadays people go for a butterfly tattoos surrounded by their names. Butterfly tattoos with names in them look unique, special and definitely different. Most people have their names made around the tattoo, while others have their lover’s names around the tattoos. According to Chinese culture, a pair of butterflies flying together symbolize love and commitment. Hence, girls even have theirs and their lovers’ names tattooed around a pair of butterflies. Know more on Celtic butterfly tattoos.One must have observed that the wings of a butterfly are very special, as they are the most beautiful and colorful parts of the butterfly’s body. Similarly, butterfly tattoos with names in wings are very popular. Some people even have their sun signs or other symbols like a heart, star, etc. drawn in the wings of a butterfly. At the same time, there are several possibilities of styles and scripts in which you can have your name written in or around the tattoo.If you are a first timer, the butterfly tattoo is just for you. It need not be large and striking. Although most of the tattoo lovers go for permanent tattoos, you can try the stick-on ones initially, to check out how a tattoo actually looks on different parts of your body. These tattoos can be easily removed with paint removers. They can save money as well as the pain that is caused while and after making a tattoo. But if you have finally decided to have butterfly tattoos with names or initials, it is better to rely on a skilled and certified professional. There are also several things that need to be considered while having a tattoo, as both making and removing a tattoo can be painful experiences. Similarly, one should also remember that once the tattoo has been made, one needs to take care about it at least for some months till it completely heals. Know more on some tattoo care instructions.

A butterfly is associated with several meanings and significances; the most important being that of rebirth or reincarnation. Butterfly tattoos also symbolize freedom and instability. Similarly, they represent the human soul, transformation, love and metamorphosis. Butterfly tattoos with names can be combined with flowers, tendrils, climbers, etc. to make them more stylized and artistic. If you have planned to have a butterfly tattoo, just check out some of the designs given in the picture above. I am sure, you will surely fall in love with one of them!

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