Snake Tattoo Design

Animal tattoos are always in! Whether it’s a dragon tattoo, panther tattoo, koi fish tattoo or a snake tattoo, the typical characteristics and meanings of these tattoos have always impressed tattoo lovers. Given below is a brief information on snake tattoo designs and their meanings.

Snake Tattoo Meanings

Snakes tattoos are linked with both positive and negative meanings. According to some myths, serpents played an important role in the creation of planets of the Universe. Snakes are considered as icons of knowledge and wisdom in most of the cultures all around the world. According to Greek mythology, snakes were related to the moon goddess. One of the most typical characteristics of snakes is, shedding the skin. This feature is linked with rebirth and regeneration. Snakes are considered to have both feminine and masculine symbolic meanings.

According to some cultures, a snake bears feminine characteristics and is considered as the goddess of death and birth. Snakes are worshiped and are held sacred by Native Americans, Africans and Australian aboriginals. Snakes also symbolize some negative meanings which include darkness, craftiness and treachery. The ability of a snake to fight with its enemy can be portrayed as a symbol of strength and power. Thus we can say that there are a myriad meanings associated with a snake tattoo, and the way the tattoo is carved decides the tattoo meaning.Snake tattoo designs

As mentioned earlier, snake tattoos are versatile and flexible in nature. Cobras, pythons, rattlesnakes, etc., are some of the popular designs used for tattooing. King Cobras are very venomous and are some of the longest snakes that can reach up to 18 feet. You can have a nice King Cobra tattoo on your arm with a three dimensional effect. There are many cobra snake tattoo designs like, you can have a tattoo where the cobra is about to attack or, a cobra that wraps around its eggs, protecting them from predators. Snake tattoos can be combined with other tattoo designs like skulls tattoos. A combination of skull and snake tattoo designs make some of the best gangsta tattoos that portray the evil and dark side of the underworld.If you want to have a snake tattoo that will represent Eastern cultures, then you can have Chinese and Japanese snake tattoo designs. The snake is a Chinese zodiac sign for individuals who are born in the years 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 2001 and 2989. So, if any of these years is your birth year, you can have a snake tattoo that will represent your zodiac sign.You can even have a nice Yin Yang tattoo design with two snakes encircling the Yin Yang symbol. A snake tattoo can also be combined with other animal tattoo designs like dragon tattoos, tiger tattoos and panther tattoos. If you want to have a snake tattoo with a tribal touch then go for tribal snake tattoo designs. Tribal tattoos are carved in dark colors with bold and aggressive lines that have toothed edges. To learn more about the same, have a look at Chinese zodiac sign – snake.
Placing a snake tattoo is not difficult and you can place it anywhere on your body. You can have a simple snake tattoo that wraps around your arms or legs. Upper back, lower back, forearms, legs, etc., are some of the popular placements for snake tattoos. Snakes tattoos are usually carved to wrap a part of the body like the arms or legs. These tattoos are filled with various colors that enhance the beauty of the snake tattoo design. Scales, eyes, teeth and head are some of the important parts of the snake that are sculpted in an artistic manner.

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